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SupEducation is a French non-profit organization building an online French learning community where members can sign up for free and join as many classes as they want to practice French.

SupEducation is an approved organization by the French Ministry of Education : Agrément Jeunesse et Education Populaire 25-35-J005 délivré par l'académie de Rennes.

The goal of SupEducation French Learning community is to help as many people as possible learn French with the help of existing members. For example, members can help beginners join our online platform,join a class based on their level, and even become instructors and help other members in our community.

At SupEducation, we learn, teach, practice French within a community that lifts itself up, helping and supporting each other is at the very core of our values as a non-profit organization. There are countless ways to help. Even if you don't feel confident with your French proficiency, there are ways you can participate in the community where the French language is not a pre-requisite.

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Online courses focusing on speaking skills

Written French and spoken French are very different. Spoken French is the hardest to master, you can't learn it with books, articles or YouTube videos. The only way to train for it is to practice it everyday with other French Speakers. This is why we organize everyday online sessions of "French Corners" where Native speakers and French learners can talk in French about various topics. For beginners, we organize some "Séances d'entraide" where volunteers can help learners using their native language or English if they don't have yet the level to join French Corners.

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