French nonprofit organization SupEducation

Find out about our story throughout the years, from tutoring organization to cultural organization. With the goal to promote French language and culture around the world while maintaining our local impact in Rennes. SupEducation is an approved organization by the French Ministry of Education : Agrément Jeunesse et Education Populaire 25-35-J005 délivré par l'académie de Rennes.

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The story of SupEducation

Founded in 2016, SupEducation, a non-profit organization located in Rennes, has been tutoring from 2016 to 2020 high school students in Mathematics in order to prepare them for higher education.

In addition, SupEducation collected school supplies, educational books and more to redistribute to whom it would be necessary.

Among the students, some had trouble speaking and understanding French, which was an added difficulty for them to handle.

That is why, in November 2019 SupEducation officially started teaching the French language during workshops with the goal to help newcomers to follow Mathematics classes properly.

Digital change

In March 2020, with the Covid-19 crisis all around the world, the organization had to close its premises and stop tutoring.

That is when, SupEducation transitioned to an online organization to enable educational continuity during and after the lockdown.

Unfortunately, students and parents did not wish to continue with the online Mathematics tutoring despite it being free.

In the meantime, a community of French language learners was created and has continued to grow thanks to the French learning workshops. First in Rennes, then across France and lastly around the world.

Our classes are totally free without any admission fees, taught by volunteers eager to help with easy-to-use digital tools accessible to all.

Today, our organization fully functions online with the help of our volunteers in Rennes, in France, but also from the entire world. The community has become stronger and closer over the years by coming together around a common goal: learning French online for free.

SupEducation did not only become an educational and cultural association, but it is also now a place to share and seek for mutual support.


Our signature classes, French Corners, are an oral practice session. The participation and interaction are different depending on the student’s level however the method remains the same, making the students talk as much as possible to build confidence over daily situations and more.

We have also set up sessions for beginners, where they are grouped by language and can create a bond of community, support and sharing. Always under the supervision of one of our volunteers to guide them through it all.

SupEducation does not rely solely on its teachers but also on students, volunteers that help with communication, integration and so much more.

You can join us and be a part of our community whether you want to learn French and achieve your personal goal or volunteer and give a bit of your time while learning from students of different cultural backgrounds, build yourself with an enriching experience on a human and professional level.