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To become an official member, you will need to pay a monthly fee of 30 €  and a one-time signup fee of 5 €.
The signup fee to become a member of SupEducation is normally 5 €, but it is waived for first-time registrants.
If you are registering for the first time, you will not need to pay the signup fee.
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What Makes Us Special ?

French conversation practice with native speakers

SupEducation stands out for its interactive French Corners, led by native speakers, providing learners with engaging conversation practice opportunities.

Approved by the French Ministry of Education

SupEducation is an approved organization: "Youth and Popular Education” (Agrément Jeunesse et Education Populaire) accreditation 25-35-J005 issued by the Rennes regional education authority.

Variety of online learning resources

SupEducation also offers a variety of online learning resources and tools such as interactive exercises, practice activities, quizzes, videos, and self-learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which time zone are the hours indicated on the schedule?

The schedule provided on the website indicates the time of French Corner sessions in the Paris time zone. If you register, you will have your own agenda where you can customize the time according to your time zone.

What is a French Corner?

We don't use the word "class" because it's not just theory but mostly practice. French Corners are highly interactive: you can learn and practice immediately.

What is my level?

A0 -> N0: Discovering greetings, important words, basic conversation.
A1 -> N1: Common phrases, present,  future, past tense, expressing ideas.
A2/B1 -> N2: More complex sentences.
B2/C1 ->N3: Fluent conversation on specific topics, debates.

Not sure about your level? Ask us.
If needed, we will change your level.
There are no prerequisites to join us.

How many French Corners can I attend per week?

As a member, you can join all French Corner sessions for your level. For everyone's convenience, there are several French Corners per level each week at different hours. The facilitators plan the French Corners several days in advance, so feel free to check the Agenda page for more information.

In which language are the French Corners conducted?

N0 sessions can be in Spanish, English, Russian, or Arabic. If you need a different language for N0, please contact us. 
N1 level students have sufficient proficiency in French to understand the explanations. Of course, our facilitators can use English sparingly if needed.

How do the French Corners work?

These sessions are designed to give learners an opportunity to practice their French conversation skills in a supportive and engaging environment. These sessions take place via Google Meet, and each time you get a link to participate. French Corners have a duration of 45 minutes or more. 

What topics are covered in the French Corners?

The topics covered are diverse and depend on the facilitators, sessions, and levels: grammar, debates, vocabulary, pronunciation, useful phrases, expressions, idea exchange, current affairs (according to the levels), games, etc.

Is there course material provided?

The facilitator provides course materials during the sessions through the platform. You have unlimited access to these documents via Google Classroom.

How many students are there per session?

There are between 2 and 10 students per session.

How much do the French Corners cost?

The membership fee is 30 € per month, regardless of the number of sessions you attend. The more sessions you take, the more cost-effective the membership becomes.

What can I do if my level is not suitable?

You can talk to your facilitator, and if necessary, your level will be changed.

Can I attend multiple French Corners per week?

You can participate in as many sessions according to your level as you wish.

What is the cost of membership in SupEducation?

To become an official member, you will need to pay a monthly fee of 30 € and a one-time signup fee of 5 €.
If you are registering for the first time, you will not need to pay the signup fee.

Why becoming a member?

You will have access to all French Corner sessions according to your level, where you can practice French with native speakers. You can also participate in rewarding volunteer missions and connect with like-minded members.

Who are the teachers at SupEducation?

Our volunteers are native French speakers who have a deep understanding of the language, culture, and nuances of French communication. They are passionate about helping students improve their language skills.

How can I become a member of SupEducation?

After registration,  you need to verify your Profile page and  top up your SupEducation wallet with at least 30 € to start your membership. For international payments  there is a fixed transaction fee, that is why we recommend charging your wallet for  several months at the same time.